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Solar Farms – Various - Crowthers Consultants

About the Research

Name of the Client:
Various tax efficient single entity companies

Principal Contactor:
PMBE Electronic Sud GMBH

PLead Designer:
RALOS new Energy

Health and Safety Consultant:
Site audits by Crowthers Consultants ltd


A mixture of between 7MW to 10MW solar farms constructed on farmland from the Isle of Wight, Cornwall and Cambridgeshire.

All sites were constructed using Bulgarian labour shipped in especially for the work, housed on site in caravans and payed in Euros using a Bulgarian bank account. The main construction work is assembling the steel supporting structures which is just like meccano to hang the panels onto.

The panels are always live as they are generating in any daylight so electrical safety instruction and supervision for the workforce is paramount. In the long term the panels need no maintainence as they are washed clean by the rain and sheep are used to graze beneath the panels to keep the grass and undergrowth down.